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“All learning is emotion based and where emotional development is appropriately supported, high quality learning can take place.” Colley, D. Cooper, P. (2017)

Switch is committed to supporting vulnerable young people in schools. To achieve this we believe that early intervention is vital and we have several options available to schools.

Early Intervention Support

At our centre in Wolverhampton, Switch has provided early interventions to support the inclusion of learners whose social and emotional needs are causing concern and preventing them from achieving their full potential.

Our programmes help young people understand how situations and issues arise and then develop the skills to approach concerns in a more reflective way, allowing them to be more effective in solving their own problems and feel more in control.

We are able to support children and young people using a structured social-emotional learning programme, plus therapeutic input from educational psychology and therapy professionals. We use recognised assessment techniques and ‘Expressive Therapies’ (Malchiodi, C. 2005) such as art, music, Lego®, creative writing, play and sand-tray for those children and young people who are experiencing a range of difficulties in their home or classroom environments.

Our emphasis is placed on supporting young people to make good choices in both their educational and personal lives, giving them the ability to recognise and respond to their own emotions, form effective peer and adult relationships and to persevere through difficulties. This programme has been developed in partnership with The University of Birmingham’s Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues research and aims to foster improvement in 5 key development areas:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Responsible decision making
  • Relationship skills
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Outreach support with SWITCH COACHES

Using our long and successful track record in supporting schools, our Switch Coaches will visit your school to work directly with individual pupils, small groups and even their families. Our staff are trained in a variety of approaches, such as Coaching and Mentoring, Mental Health First Aid, Restorative Practice and are also experienced family support workers with high levels of safeguarding and statutory requirement expertise.

Outreach can be offered both in and out of the classroom, or even at home, to help you identify causal factors of behaviour and attendance issues. Our input is intended as early intervention and provides base-line measures of social and emotional well-being. Through our initial assessments you will be demonstrating the first-steps in the gathering of information for a graduated response and can help you decide whether more significant and longer-term interventions are appropriate. This can all be achieved whilst also allowing for the voice of the parent and child to be included in any future decision making.

  • Engaging approaches and therapeutic activities for children and young people who are considered vulnerable or at risk

  • Strengthening children and young peoples’ ability to develop positive relationships

  • Supporting children and young people who are struggling with family circumstances, such as separation, bereavement or domestic violence

  • Advocacy and guidance for families when children and young people face challenging circumstances at home or in school

  • Enhancing a school’s ability to support the personal development of pupils


“Switch has worked with a number of our students. They offer fantastic support for those young people we believe are in need of additional social, emotional and mental health support.”

School Staff

Referring Organisation Feedback

What does a package of support look like?

  • Part-time access to our Switch Centre, providing a safe and secure environment in which to take part in our social and emotional well-being learning programme
  • Support for the young person and their schools from a Switch Coach who will deliver interventions within school and liaise with staff
  • Initial and ongoing assessment using Emotional Literacy measurements, Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaires and PASS (Pupil Attitude to Self and School), SCERTS (Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Support).
  • Family Support Worker to liaise between all those working around the young person.
  • End of placement report, feedback and recommendations
  • Reintegration planning and support with the young person, schools, parents and the Local Authority
  • A WiderSchool profile that allows schools and/or referring organisations to keep in constant contact, upload work, feedback and review progress. The WiderSchool tool also allows Switch to contact parents and key professionals, whilst also recording activities and achievements that young people complete.
  • Regular visits from external professionals providing careers advice, safer relationships, sexual health, e-safety and substance misuse workshops.
  • Therapeutic support, both on a 1-2-1 basis and as a group
  • Educational Psychology assessments and input arranged and facilitated where appropriate

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