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Support for the social and emotional well-being of young people in schools

Outreach for young people and schools to help implement interventions and positive strategies

Engaging approaches and therapeutic activities for young people who are vulnerable or at risk

Advocacy and guidance for families when young people face challenging circumstances at home or in school


Social & Emotional Wellbeing

Switch supports children and young people's skills for coping and managing. We focus on areas such as stress, anxiety, attachment, developing confidence, managing emotions, making friends, healthy relationships and solving problems.

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Positive Interventions

We can provide a range of therapeutic interventions to suit the needs of each individual. These include play and art therapy, Lego®, coaching & mentoring, social skills training, counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy and restorative practices.

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Building Relationships

Our approach is values-based and needs-led, placing emphasis on the strength and safety of building, repairing and maintaining positive relationships with pupils, schools and families.

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I spent time at Switch after being excluded in Year 11. I enjoyed being there because I learned new things and how to cope better in the future.


Thank you for helping me the past couple of months, I really appreciate everything you've done for me.


Thank you for everything you have done for me. I am really grateful for you helping me.


I can't thank you enough for guiding my son through a difficult time in his young life. He has really appreciated the help you have given him.


Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for all the help, support and friendship and understanding you have given us and our daughter. Can't thank you guys enough.


Thank you and everyone at Switch for giving my son the support and space that he needed to regroup and start again.


An excellent project with dedicated staff who genuinely care about the students. No judgement is passed or assumptions made. A child attends and is taken on face value which builds their confidence and gives hope. Thank you all.


The Switch Project provides a very calm and engaging environment for the young people in need of support. During my time there I could develop my self confidence, concentration and other skills which I can apply in all aspects of my life. A very positive atmosphere and experience.


I think everyone loves The Switch Project because it can help you with whatever your needs are. It has given me a chance to do what I want to do and it has helped me be successful at it, improving my skills incredibly and really enjoying it.


The Switch Project gave me a massive chance after I left my school and had to wait to start another one. I was able to go each day, learning new skills and meant I could start my new school with skills I did not have before.


The Switch Project has helped me in all different kinds of ways. It’s helped my behaviour and helped my confidence when singing in front of people. They have helped with my work and getting a qualification.


I really enjoyed being at The Switch Project as they helped me so much after I was kicked out of school. They gave me a chance to find out what I wanted to do and motivated me to do it. I now attend college and I’m looking forward to doing an apprenticeship and working with children.


Switch has worked well for several of our pupils with diverse needs. Pupils have responded very positively to their programmes.


Switch has had a very positive affect. We still have hurdles to overcome, but things have got a lot better


Our Approach


Early Intervention

Early intervention matters - 86% of young people who accessed Switch as part of an early intervention strategy are still in their mainstream schools 12 months later.


The Switch Centre

As part of our support, young people can access our team of staff at The Switch Centre in Wolverhampton, attending part-time as part of our intervention package.


Switch Coaches

All young people who use Switch can also access a Switch Coach who will help support the young person and their families. A Switch Coach helps emotional wellbeing, resolving conflict, preventing harm and building resilience.